Sunday, 14 June 2020

Year 8 leadership - Whenua Iti

Our Year 8 Leaders were off to Whenua Iti today for their leadership challenge. Although the sun struggled to shine it looks like you have all made the most of this adventure!



Thursday, 11 June 2020


One of our focus areas for learning this term was around the idea of "exploring further". We shared ideas around Marama Clubs, and then settled on 6 clubs that we could learn and explore within over this term.

Our clubs are:
* Photography Club
* Food Technology Club (affectionately referred to as the cooking club)
* Newspaper club
* Gardening Enviro Club
* Ozobot club (our coding, tech and robot genius' at work)
* Sports Clubs

Each of our clubs created a proposal based around our team learning goals, responsibilities and opportunities to extend our learning to teach others.

We meet once a week, where our aim is for us all to learn and explore one new thing, whether it be weeding, coding, formatting, editing, eating or teaching.

Our food tech club amazed us all with their first creation- Butter Chicken from scratch - the whole school smelt amazing

The newspaper club are putting together the "Marama Monthly" to share with the school. We look forward to reading your first edition team :)

Week two from the cooking club was tacos - so fresh and healthy, and another hit with the taste testers.

The photography club have been exploring different shots and locations around the school. 
We are impressed to see your eye for detail and creativity.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Papier Mache Creations

This term for a bit of fun and light therapy we are exploring Papier Mache. We are harnessing the skills and experience of Cathy here at school, along with some online learning to support our creative light.

We all chose different creatures to create - they come in all shapes and sizes :)

We are looking forward to sharing our creations with you when we complete them.

A lot of patience and determination later, and we finally have our finished products. We are very proud of our amazing creations. We have them displayed in our learning space so everyone can enjoy them for the next couple of weeks.

Here are a few of our creations, the rest of them are waiting for you in Marama :)

drop on in to have a look :)

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Tasty Treats - Marama cooking up a storm at home.

Wow - Toby and Heidi have been so incredibly amazed by the cooking and baking that has been coming out of your kitchens during isolation.

There were so many delicious looking morsels being shared with us, we thought we had better share them with you all.

We hope this continues once we are back to school :)

ANZAC cookies with Jack. 
A new adventure in the kitchen for Jack.

Brooke shared her Lemon Meringues (top) and Caramel Meringues with us.
She also made plain meringues - great dessert at her house!

Brooke was clearly on a roll baking up a storm with mini Carrot Cakes (top), Hot Cross Buns, and finally Miso Soup with Noodles.  Wow! Maybe we will need to run a food market at school!

Alfie has also been busy in the kitchen with ANZAC cookies, Hot Cross Buns and a Key Lime Pie - which was clearly too good to last for the photo.

Fianna was on a roll with cake baking at her house. 
How lucky for her family to have such delicious treats!

Marie-Anne took up the ANZAC cookie challenge with her brother. The chocolate ones look particularly good to us.

Ben's Burger looks better than the one in the book.
 His family were lucky to have him on Dinner that evening.

Keedan created some rather scrumptious looking ANZAC cookies with his family.

Year 8 leadership - Whenua Iti

Our Year 8 Leaders were off to Whenua Iti today for their leadership challenge. Although the sun struggled to shine it looks like you hav...